Be smart. Be safe.


The goal at Roomster has always been the same. Create the best, safest and most trustworthy site to find a home or someone to live with. Unlike message boards that have little to no information on the person posting, and no way of verifying their identity. Roomster keeps everyone safe by asking for detailed information, adds ID verification systems like Roomster Social Connect , Credit Checks  and Back Ground Checks.

When browsing through listings look for completeness of the member profiles, listings and social connections. A verified member is one that has links to their off site social networking pages, such as Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. Phone numbers are a great compliment. If you have not added these in, do so.

When reading someone's profile & listing click through to their Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter page. See who they are, who their friends are (you may know some) what they have to say, or where they work. This gives everyone peace of mind. Once you have done this, you can chat on the phone, text, or meet up with them in person.






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