Use Megaphone and tell your matches that you just posted a listing


Roomster gives you access to a tool to get your message out fast. We call it Megaphone. (Its the blinking megaphone on your logged in top navigation)

We understand that you want to contact each member directly after looking at their profile, and you still can. Megaphone allows you to ramp up your search fast and get the job done. Choose the listing types that you want to contact, use the filters to narrow or broaden your Megaphone message (price/budget, age, sex) and write a message about what you're looking for...and send message!

Megaphone will send out these message to all recipient's Roomster mailboxes. Once the are received matches know that you exist and can email you back. As new members get added to Roomster they will be added to Megaphone for your consideration to send out another message.






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