Response to negative reviews & slander sites.


Roomster has been in business since 2003 and has helped millions of people find someplace to call home. We have worked hard to create the best site that we can and are always improving the user experience & building new and improved functionality. We charge a small fee for time usage on the site, and we think its pretty economical and fair. The money we charge keeps the servers running, the coders developing & and  keeps the rest of Roomster's employees working hard for you!

Like any business that handles large volume of people, we have received some complaints,  every company has. People get frustrated for all kinds of reasons, and we understand. It can be frustrating to look for a place to stay or renting out your place, especially when money is tight. We try to make everyone happy, but its not always possible. Sometimes without even contacting us, some people vent in the public forum.

A popular way to vent these days is taking to complaint/ripoff/scam board sites. These sites are privately run sites that feed off & profit from people's frustrations. In most cases post are made by nameless, faceless individuals, and are very negative in nature. We have been called a scam, that our listings are not real, members have said they can't cancel billing, or didn't know about purchasing a subscription. All kind of hurtful and untrue stuff has been said...and not just about us, but millions of good companies in the service industries. The goal of these complaint/ripoff/scam board sites is to have the companies hurt by the negative reviews to pay to remove the negative posts.

Roomster is an honest company with authentic listings. If you have any issue that you need help with, contact our 24/7 customer service team

We take pride in our service and are here to help.


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