Roomster Social Connect = Safety



Everyone has heard that finding a roommate or a place to live on message boards like Craigslist can be bit sketchy. You have no idea who anybody is, important details are left out, there is no on site verification, no links to social networks, in fact there is no verification of any kind!

Roomster has verified members. We encourage our members to add links to their Social Network profiles. People looking for housing should be verifiable.

We ask that you add social networking links to your profile and look for listings with these social links. Roomster profiles that have social connect links are more trustworthy. Members get to see the kind of person you are by the friends you keep, where you work and a history of your online identity.

Roomster is the easiest and safest way to find out who your next roommate is going to be. Get contacted by members through any of the seven available options, including personal phone/email and 5 Social Networks, then contact members using Roomster’s safe and secure on site mail system.

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