Warning: Beware of the "Booking Confirmation" Western Union Scam.


We have uncovered a scam that is being conducted by organized criminals, who are sending emails to people looking for rooms. The email directs individuals to send money to Western Union to book a room. This is a spoof email designed to look like it came from Roomster. The email uses our logo, colors and our addresses, but does not come from Roomster. The emails seem to come from various mail servers and email addresses like "Roomster@USA.com" not from a Roomster.com domain.

More about this scam here SCAM WARNING

Contact on Roomster is done directly between people that have a room and people that need a room. Never send any money to anyone via western union for a room, without seeing the room, meeting the person & signing a lease in person. If you see an email like the sample below, please send to abuse@roomster.com


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