keeping our platform secure & our users safe is our #1 priority. In 2020 We made the decision to remove all social logins , email & password options as ways to sign up and create an account.

we switched exclusively to a 2 x two factor authentication. We verify and authenticate every user's mobile phone number and email address. We do not allow Voice over IP numbers and block most mobile sim number providers.

why did we do this?

Social logins are great for the adding of user data and onboarding users onto a platform and makes for a very easy user experience.

The reality of social login makes for a dangerous and easy way for dishonest people to create accounts on platforms like roomster.

If Social logins offered any true security we would have happily kept them in place, but sadly they offer as little protection to our community as an email / password type account. The large social networks & search engines do little to prevent the billions of fake social network profiles or email accounts that are created each year.

Large ISP's & Telco's trade billions of IP addresses each year. IP addresses are used to identify computer devices such as laptops, PC's, mobile devices and servers. Think of IP addresses as the license plate and registration for a car, but for your computer. There should only be one IP address for each device...but this is not the case. Criminals, scammers & people looking to do harm change their IP addresses by the second making them impossible to track and block. This problem will continue until IP address registration and reform happens and large ISP's and Telco's are held responsible.

Although we can not share with you all the other security measures we take. roomster has built and manages a proprietary system of technological & human powered cyber security. We are constantly monitoring the platform, making improvements and educating our users. We ask that you do not every share your access code or phone number with other any other members, and that you never send any money to anyone without meeting them and seeing the rental in person.

Stay safe and communicate on the platform exclusively.

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