roomster stands with our users on the protection & privacy of user data. We have never sold user data and delete all identifiable user data at the time of a user's account deletion.

Our user deletion API allows roomster & its customers to delete data for any given user identifier from all its projects & web properties.

Deletion happens when a roomster user clicks the delete account link on our settings page. roomster users may also email or contact customer service and request to have their identifiable data deleted. We are happy to do it and stand with user rights, the CCPA, CPRA and VCDPA.

Besides all user identifiable data being deleted, Your roomster mailbox, listings and any ID verification will be lost. If you purchased an ID verification, you may want to hold off deleting your account if you plan on using roomster again.

If you subscribed through the iTunes App Store or through a Google Play account, you are still required to cancel your active subscriptions on their platforms.

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