We offer a free version of Roomster to anyone who wants to try it. This version allows users to do everything on the site except access the Roomster mailbox and Roomster Social Connect features. We have this free version so that anyone can create a profile, get to know the site and test drive all its features.

As a free member you can get contacted by all upgraded members via your offsite email account or any of the social connections you have added. Your sent emails will also be delivered to all upgraded members so it really is a great way to get started as a Roomster community member.

As a free member you can either wait to be contacted by upgraded members, but have all your messages delivered to those members or you can upgrade your account and contact anyone on the site, either through the onsite mailbox, external email accounts or social connections such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We recommend communicating through Roomster at first before meeting in real life.

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