Roomster members are different from the people who post on message boards or other websites. Roomster members are authentic and expect others to be authentic as well. Make sure your profile is up to date!

We encourage this by making sure that Roomster profiles and the listings on the site are complete, accurate, updated, and authentic.

Adding in all the criteria that we ask you for is important and we reward our members who have completed their profiles with more page views by bumping them up to the top of search results.

Let's check your profile first:

1. Make sure that all of your contact & personal data is accurate.

Make sure all of your Roomster Social Connections are accurate and working. Test them! If they do not work, people can not verify who you are or contact you!

2. Say something about yourself..not what you're looking for but who you are! Update your 'About Me' section

3. Add some photos of yourself. People like to know who they are living with. Start your future relationship the right way- Be proud of who you are and smile! Add a bunch of photos of you...and only you! We will remove photos like cartoons, celebrities, and stock images. Update your photos

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