In order to make sure that roomster provides a safe and honest platform, we have provided a set of guidelines and community rules to be followed. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the termination of your account without a refund.

1. People of all kinds are welcome to use roomster. We don't discriminate and believe that part of what makes roomster so universal is the diverse background of people that use it.

2. We can only monitor activity between users on roomster. We recommend using roomster's mailbox as the easiest source of contact between users.

3. Anyone attempting to use roomster for anything other than housing sharing will be removed automatically.

4. Scamming of any kind will not be tolerated and users that attempt to do so will be terminated without a refund.

roomster is the best place to find or list an available room. We believe that by providing verified accounts and listings, users can trust who they’re speaking with. roomster is not a platform for other types of solicitation and directly violates the terms and conditions set forth by roomster. Using our platform for anything other than listing or viewing open rooms will result in immediate account termination.

Our users love the fact that we offer multiple ways to verify your account. Verification provides peace of mind that the people they are dealing with are in fact, real users. Feel free to verify your identity through social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Additionally, you have the option to verify by your ID.

The goal of roomster is to provide a platform for users to effectively, safely, and efficiently communicate with each other.

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